“What an Amazing Blessing Being Together Is”

Who penned the script of this movie?

Or is it comprised just of our time together?

Or maybe we are only the producers and directors

of a great audience of two?

Couldn’t it be considered something predestined,

well beyond our comprehension?

While it’s…

“When We Are Not Together”

I would like to know how you are?

Hopefully, you are as happy as I am.

I’ve noticed sadness in your voice

and would love to free you of it.

What we share together is too good

to not be rejoicing;

just be spontaneous, and…

Be grateful for being here…

When your hear the whispers of sorrow,

counter them with dreams of tomorrow.

When you feel the trappings of failure,

fight them with the thrills & excitement of being alive.

When you feel emptiness & solitude,

dissolve them with your heart and faith.

When you find yourself in the jaws…

Pay attention to those that have lived long and still possess candid and inocent hearts…

If you want to find where our life wizards lie,
pay attention to those that have lived long
and still possess candid and innocent hearts.

Their spirits are genuine, playful, and childlike,
their souls are gentle,
soaked in goodness and good faith,
their intent is always noble and transparent;


One way or another,

we all chase,

some of us relentlessly,

wealth, fame and love,

in this exact order of importance.

These life illusions

don’t always present themselves

in such a prescribed pecking order.

Fact is, we never know

who shows up first,

or if any of them

will ever…

There are moments in life that overwhelm us,

they seize us right at the gut level,

suddenly, we are crumbling inside,

without a clue,

how to cope with the situation.

Sometimes, it is simply doubts creeping in,

or anguish overwhelming our spirit

or just paralyzing fear.

On others, the shell…


Sometimes we hope, that simply by being alive,

happiness would be something we will find

or stumble onto with utmost certainty.

But waiting for happiness to occur by chance or luck

is the equivalent of a reward without merits or a prize

without struggle or effort.

In other moments we…

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

Writer, Poet, Pedagogue, and Playwright www.erasmuscromwellsmith.com

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