In Honor Of My Unforgettable Mentor, Alvin Perlman.

Do you remember those eyes?

I do … I always will …

His eyes smiled at you

with their little twinkle,

the tiny movement where they seemed

to close in on you,

like you were

the most important person in the world,

at least at that moment to him

and you couldn’t help but feel that

you had his full attention and respect.

His eyes read people so well …

those laser beams made you feel so good,

high spirited and full of optimism.

His eyes touched you with his total approval,

giving a tremendous sense

that he was professing…

Two of the most fundamental and existential states in life are measured by each stroke forward in our life clock’s hands.

The corroboratory tick of the larger and faster one is that of the sound of change, and the smaller and slower one, validating clicks are those of the sound of evolution.

If the minutes tick, then the hours will inevitably click as well.

Change engenders evolution, not the other way around.

If change is the transition from one condition to another, then evolution is a series of guided changes of advancement.

Change is doors opening, Evolution takes and keeps…

is never have to say…sorry…

It is commonly said that

love is never having to say you’re sorry,

and never having to apologize.

It has been said, therefore,

that in this regard, love is perfect

and as it belongs to a twosome,

it is twice perfect.

But the risk of love

without forgiveness or repentance,

is that it could turn rigid and selfish.

It’s the kind of love,

where forgiveness

is replaced by

obfuscation and solitary reprimands.

It’s the kind of love,

where repentance

is replaced by wounded self-esteem,

and offended egos and pride.

To the contrary,

love is to know how to forgive


A quasi super-human strength

Resilience lies at the core,

at the very essence of the human spirit.

It is a vital and virtuous existential condition,

comprised of sheer character strength

and awesome, utter willfulness.

Resilience is the untamable drive,

burning fire,

unflinching defiance,

relentless resistance,

fearless courage,

stubborn perseverance,

unwavering belief

and unstoppable hunger,

required to live with the intensity,

passion and endurance,

needed to succeed at any endeavor.

The resilient person,

tries again,

never stops,

does not give in to exhaustion,

bounces back,

moves forward,

does not dwell on the past,

adapts in an instant,

perennially studies, learns

and ignores rejection.

The resilient…

Sometimes Life Demands of us huge sacrifices that are not such…

Sometimes life presents us

with seemingly impossible tasks

and insurmountable challenges,

so demanding,

that we don’t really know where to begin,

much less if we can respond or live up to them,

or even if we will be able

to hold on to the very end.

Sometimes life presents us

with seemingly huge sacrifices,

that more often than not,

come dressed in tragedy and pain.

Those moments test our entire self

and every task expected of us,

is tough, trying, unsavory, even filthy,

to execute and endure.

These calls of duty

present themselves to us

as very difficult sacrifices,


Happiness Bellwether

Those that regret in never-ending fashion,

And those that drown in their sorrows

seemingly forever,

lack clarity in life.

Craving for an alternative reality

of “what ifs” or could or should have been

is a fruitless search,

for a time machine,

an alternative reality or dimension

that simply do not exist.

Lamenting past events, difficulties, even tragedies

on endless loops of pain,

leaves us stuck, and infinitely gasping for air.

Regrets and sorrows are fueled and driven

by deeply ingrained insecurities, fear, and guilt;

With all of them working as magnifying glasses

distorting and exaggerating true pain…

Life is a tightly wound chain of occurrences,

a maddening scramble,

we cannot govern nor control.

Out future is being formed

every millisecond.

It is an infinite,

never ending, dynamic

& totally random string

of connected events.

All of these intersecting circumstances,

elate, influence, interact and intertwine.

Each and every event in life

is a wonderful and complex random accident

encompassing the finite, the urgency

and the uncertainty of our future.

We are engaged in this ongoing miracle,

every moment of our existence.

In the end destiny it’s nothing

but a complex,


unpredictable mishap.

Life is nature’s complicated interaction

What a tough job to have to navigate

through the darkest corners

of the minds of others,

rather than your own.

Those paths where the ground is shaky,

where the foundation have cracks,

where the earth moves,

where some of the tracks of life

are blurry, without enough light,

and there is no sense of wellbeing or happiness.

But perhaps there is no tougher job

than that of dealing with minds

that not only lack meaning and purpose in life,

but are also potentially or inherently

wicked, devious, reckless, delusional

or simply love themselves so much

that there is no…

An Art-Crafter Extraordinaire

In the realm of Violins, Violas, and Cellos,

there was once an art-crafter extraordinaire

-A Luthier-

to whom there was no equal in the whole wide world.

His name was Leo Schoeffer.

He was born in a small town called Mittenwald

in the region of Bavaria, Southern Germany.

His tinkering skills went way beyond

crafting, repairing, restoring, fine-tuning even stringing

any of those precious instruments.

His incomparable abilities

were not only in the quality of his work

neither on his level of craftsmanship

when working the wood

-which were both better to none-

what distinguished him

as the best Luthier…

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

Writer, Poet, Pedagogue, and Playwright

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